Edificio de Las Artes

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The Arts Building is located at Av Cerro El Plomo, between North Street and Avenue Rosario Alonso de Córdova. Concerns an area of high density mixed type, destination and service offices mainly north of Cerro El Plomo Street, south of this target has largely residential, with shops also in height. The trade is concentrated basically the Parque Arauco Mall, extending the business to the east of the Mall environment

Its architectural design is developed symmetrically, with each building has a diamond shape, with walls that meet at the front street south to lead, and to the north open onto the boulevard that runs along the inside of the apple.

Strategic location is a strategic sector in the urban road structure, since there major cross roads and inter-communal connection such as Amerigo Vespucci beltway and Manquehue Avenue North, crossing the avenues Vitacura, Kennedy, President Riesco and Apoquindo, also include Alonso de Cordova Avenue crossing diagonally, and in a larger radius (approx. 1.6 km) is Santa María Avenue Costanera Norte. The latter corresponds to one of the high-speed concessioned highways that connect from the east of the city to the airport and motorways heading north, south and west of the capital. Notably is operating Manquehue Metro Station at the junction of North Street Apoquindo Rosario.